104 Bar Phnom Penh

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One Zero Four Bar Phnom Penh

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Also known as 104 Bar Phnom Penh

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One Zero Four  bar AKA 104 Bar Phnom Penh is one of the longest running hostess bars operating on 104 Street. Operating for over 9 years now. It can best be described as a high energy hostess bar. Now if you think hostess = prostitute you’re going to be disappointed.If you’re looking for a bit of fun without to much stress and for less money than a taxi ride from Heathrow to London then you’re in the right place.

All the staff employed by 104Bar Phnom Penh are over the minimum age of 18 which is required by law.

If you’re new to Asia then and attracted to you beautiful Cambodian women then  hostess bars are wonderful ways to meet such people.

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69 Bar Phnom PenhOne Zero Four Bar Phnom Penh

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