69 Bar Phnom Penh

The hottest Phnom Penh hostess bar on 136 Street

69 Bar Phnom Penh is one of the longest running hostess bars operating on 136 Street. Operating for over 8 years now. It can best be described as a high energy hostess bar. Now if you thin hostess = prostitute you're going to be disappointed.

All the staff employed by 69 Bar Phnom Penh are over the minimum age of 18 which is required by law.

If you're new to Asia then and attracted to you beautiful Cambodian women then  hostess bars are wonderful ways to meet such people.

Hostess bars in Phnom Penh are not like those in Thailand. Many people that visit Cambodia expect the hostess bars in Phnom Penh to be much like the ones in Thailand. They aren't, they are much more laid back and low key and not so in your face. Want to make an impression with a young beautiful Cambodian woman then spend time talking to them and find out what more about them. Pretty obvious really. Some of them may offer to entertain you off premises, that's their choice.

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